History & Purpose

Mutual respect
Treat all stakeholders with respect and sensitivity. Demonstrate tolerance for different views and opinions. Show trust in others and value their contributions to earn their respect.
Integrity and honesty
Be an employee of good character. Demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action and interaction. Conduct business at the highest ethical standards.
Transparency and openness
Be transparent, open and willingly share with others. Encourage others to share and engage in open, healthy debate. Provide regular feedback.
Service excellence and reliability
Strive to satisfy customers and honour commitments. Execute tasks within agreed timelines and meet important deadlines.Be professional at all times and do not compromise on maintaining high standards.
Social responsibility
Recognise the importance of social diversity in our communities.Strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live. Encourage mutual support and care for others, both personally and professionally.

Aviation Co-ordination Services (Pty) Ltd (ACS) is a private company incorporated in terms of South African laws and operates on a non-profit distributing basis that provides operational support services to international, regional, and domestic airlines operating from, to and within South Africa.

ACS was established in 1999 as a joint initiative of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA), the Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa (BARSA) and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA).

The purpose of creating ACS was to combine resources and provide non-competing, shared services in accordance with national and international standards as well as following best practice.

To ensure cost-effective, integrated delivery, ACS invests in the latest technology and equipment. We have an excellent operational record and are regularly audited by regulatory entities, in line with international laws, regulations and standards, including:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Transport Security Administration  (TSA
SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority)